Based in Tasmania, Kirk holds both a Bachelor and Masters of Visual of Arts from the Sydney College of the Arts. She has staged solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and New York.

Eloise Kirk works predominantly with collage and poured resins, creating works about suspension, erasure and fragmentation. Often these works contain a central rock or geological form, severed from its context and suspended in resin. Kirk’s works contain landscape imagery sourced from books, which are collaged into her sculptures and paintings, with the torn edges of the books they are ripped from left visible. Her landscapes and mountainous forms are devoid of recognisable locations and references, but favour mountainous peaks, vertiginous slopes, volcanic and geological formations: they are the landscape of the sublime.

She has been a finalist in the Fishers Ghost Art Prize, the John Fries Emerging Artist Award, the Macquarie Bank Emerging Artist Award and the Grace Cossington Smith Art Prize. In 2014 Kirk was awarded the Art Gallery of NSW residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. She was the recipient of the CAT Shotgun Award, a partnership between Contemporary Art Tasmania, Detached and Mona in 2018/2019.