The pause, the gap and the omission are increasingly significant in our saturated image driven society. 

Through this work the daily saturation is replaced by selective sensitisation, these pieces continue my exploration of non-representative forms and examines the possibilities of abstraction and minimalism in photo-media. The work investigates the transformation of photographic modes of production and the manipulation and exploitation of data to invent new visual forms. By rhythmically repeating, pairing, overlapping, reversing and sequencing through the investigations of specific colour relationships, I seek a sensory understanding of the physical object. These pieces are not representations of certain realities; they are their own reality. - Paul Snell

Snell has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Australia and internationally. In 2016 he presented his major solo exhibition, Liminal, at the Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery in Launceston and was finalist in the Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award at the Gold Coast City Gallery. In 2015 he was winner of the Whyalla Art Prize. Snell is a graduate of the Tasmanian School of Art and was awarded his Master of Creative Arts from the University of Tasmania in 2011. He is represented in the collections of ArtBank, Devonport Regional Gallery, Burnie Regional Gallery and the Justin House Museum.