27 January – 13 February 2010


"Painting is engaging for me, not as an overtly political or descriptive observation of the world, but as an otherness that becomes interesting. It comes out of inquiry into yourself, abstraction and the history of painting. As an analytical tool it relates to philosophy and questioning what it means to be human. It is about thinking of the history of visual language and the interest you get from looking, and whether you need to work at looking at paintings. When you are painting there is a meeting point between the reality of the material world and an internal world. It is the flux between these two points that interests me. Drawing is often the starting point but the painting process allows me to enter into a place that continually poses random possibilities.  There is something about the quality of paint that represents randomness.  The painting comes out of the absurdity of existence, and is an act of pure intention. The starting point is just thinking about life. Thoughts about the presence of a painting, its size, thickness and function leads to questions for me as to what happens behind the surface, to the side and in front of it as a poetic image.  It allows me to look at my own thinking, attempting to break through illusion and examine my own mind.. To think about the workings of your mind is important. The painting becomes a symbol of that process, when it is self-referential.  The fact that you are alive is interesting and not knowing what the reason is behind it is a dilemma worth thinking and painting about. Trying to make sense of living, through painting, is an activity that gives my life meaning. One painting is a continuation of another, a trail of thoughts. It is symbolic of the morphing of randomness, chance and coincidence in life experience. Like visiting the two extremes of order and chaos." 

~ Simon Blau